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Cool Record Edit Pro, is really a "cool" program, you will be able to record any sound i.e. Connecting your Stereo Equipment, Importing Audio Tracks from your CD´s, etc. In one word, this tool is a sound editor program for Windows. You can also edit your voice and another sounds recordings and if you want it you can also add some sounds effects. This tool will be able for you during 30 days, and then you have to buy and complement your license rights. People who love to manipulate sounds, records and audio, will appreciate the magnitude of this program. Support plenty of file extensions (formats), effects, rates, audio, recorder and edition control, something everyone who have plenty knowledge of this branch, appreciate it. In the starting point of this company; consider "the sound" as a “vibrating air traveling very fast like a wave". This deep analysis of the sound implies many odds that are why this program has a lot features to work with. Cool Record Edit Pro is just one component of the Cool Record Edit Inc., if you are interested for this; please take a brief visit to web site. This web site has much more information to share with.

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